Third Hand Silversmith's Social Impact Commitment

Third Hand Silversmith was started with two goals in mind: ⁠
1. To make my customers feel valued beyond their money.
2. To create intentionally and mindfully.⁠
I hope I have lived up to those goals, but it's time for me to do more. As many of you know, this business is run only by me. It is impossible for me to run this business without my personal beliefs spilling over into it. Every single person deserves to feel safe on this planet. In their home. While enjoying their hobbies. Every human is inherently valuable no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. I am a feminist and a humanist. I believe a better world is possible I hope you stand with me, but if you don't there is no need to announce your departure. ⁠
Here are the ways I am dedicating Third Hand to support the beliefs listed above:⁠
🌸Donating monthly to one of the following organizations on a rotational basis: M4BL, Planned Parenthood, and the NAACP. ⁠
🌸I will purchase more often from businesses owned by WOC. And will encourage my followers to do the same.⁠
🌸I will make a point to include WOC in my brand shoots to show what my jewelry looks like on non-white skin tones. I recognize I've done a horrible job at this thus far and am dedicated to changing it. If you are a woman of color in Bozeman or Missoula and are interested in modeling jewelry, please reach out! You will be compensated for your time and energy!⁠
🌸Donate work to auctions that give money to causes I believe in.⁠
🌸Continue to educate myself and those around me about white privilege.⁠
🌸Keep an open heart and mind.