Thoughtfully handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by Montana and made to last.

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"Y'all, this ring! It's super comfortable to wear and is now one of my go-to rings. Julia does a amazing job--delicate, understated, and beautifully handmade."
-Megan C.

"...I've ditched all other jewelry, as I'm usually rowing a boat or guiding a group of kayakers...the cuffs I have from here are comfortable, they move with my body, they sustain the same color of silver & the stones are set firmly."
-Sophie H.

"This is my second pair of earrings from Third Hand and I adore them! I haven't gone a day without wearing them since they arrived, and I've received so many compliments on them. The quality is fantastic, the shipping was fast, and the earrings arrived with a sweet note. I can't recommend this shop enough!"
-Hazel P.