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Spring 2020 Lookbook

Spring 2020 Lookbook Spring is a magical time of year. I get to peek out of my winter cocoon and taste the first hints of sweet, sweet Summer. I spent this whole Winter dreaming about Springtime--bundled it all up, and created reflections of it all in my Spring Collection designs. There's jewelry for everyone in this collection--from statement to simple, I've created over 25 new pieces including necklaces, earrings, rings, and cuff bracelets. I hope my Spring Collections brings the magic of the coming months into your life in a meaningful way. Find a piece you love and let it bring confidence and beauty into your mind!

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What's My Ring Size?

Figuring out your ring size can be tricky. It's a number you need to know when shopping for rings online, but requires a standardized set of ring sizers--which I'm guessing most of you don't have just laying around.  Many online resources suggest different tips and tricks for finding your ring sizes at home, but if we're being honest, they don't provide accurate measurements. This could leave you buying a ring online that you love, but is the completely wrong fit!  My tried and true method for figuring out your ring size? Almost any jewelry store will size you for free! Make sure to get sized for both thin and thick bands, as it does make a difference!  Simply search online...

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How to Care for Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Safe and easy jewelry cleaning and care can seem impossible to figure out for jewelry lovers everywhere. Pinterest is flooded with blogs about how to clean your silver jewelry using baking soda and lemon juice, or toothpaste and aluminum foil...what?! I'm excited to share with you how I recommend you maintain and clean your Third Hand Silversmith pieces, as well as how I clean my own sterling silver jewelry. As a metalsmith, I wouldn't trust my own jewelry with these DIY experiments for a few reasons: They're difficult to measure accurately, and truly aren't as potent as the liquid jewelry cleaners they attempt to replace. More importantly, using these DIY cleaners on jewelry that have porous natural stones such as turquoise can destroy the...

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How to Make a Big Difference by Shopping Small

  The Holiday season is here. It's been on the minds of small business owners for a few months now. We start thinking about it so early, because for most of us, late November and December sales get us through the slow Fall and Spring months of the New Year.If you plan on doing a majority of your Holiday Shopping this week, consider the quality or meaningfulness of the items you're buying. Consider what the recipient might do with the gift you give them in 1 month, 6 months, even years down the road. Will it end up being a treasured item? My passion for handmade items is ultimately what led me to become a small business owner myself. But these tips don't just...

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Jewelry + Photography

My good friend and one of my favorite creators, Serena Gossack is...pretty much great at everything. Seriously, everything she has a hand in turns out gorgeous.  Serena knew my business before it even had a name. She was one of the people who helped me through the grueling processes of coming up with a business name, designing a logo and other branding elements, and she has seen Third Hand Silversmith grow into what it is today. Using her creative talents, Serena has also played a part in shaping this jewelry business.  I feel so lucky to have had many opportunities to work with her on creative projects, my favorite being brand photography shoots.  This jewelry business is many things, but most...

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