Dainty Stacker Ring

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Handcrafted from sterling silver wire,  each Dainty Stacker Ring is a simple and subtle daily wear ring. Each ring features a hand-stamped design around the entire ring. 

  • Available only in sterling silver. 
  • Each listing is for ONE ring.
  • Due to the individually handcrafted quality of every piece, there may be slight variations in each ring. These variations do not take away from the value of the jewelry...they simply add beauty and individuality! 
  • Each piece is made-to-order and will be ready to ship in 2-10 days. I do my best to ship each order as soon as possible, so please leave a note at checkout if you need your order by a certain date. I am happy to try to accommodate to the best of my ability! 

By purchasing any piece from this website you are acknowledging that you have read and understand Third Hand's shop policies.

Why invest in sterling silver jewelry?
Sterling silver jewelry is worth the investment. It is comprised of 92.5% pure silver, and 7.5% copper, which adds strength to the precious metal. Handmade sterling silver jewelry will last much longer than mass-produced/storebought jewelry, which is typically made of a variety of cheap base metals or coated plastic. Although jewelry made from base metals will look pretty and shiny in the store, they wear down quickly, are difficult to polish, and are more likely to cause skin irritation. Alternatively, sterling silver is very easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful for years. Sterling silver is less likely to cause allergic reactions or irritation, so it is a great option for sensitive skin-especially around the ears and neck. An extra bonus: rings made from sterling silver won't turn your fingers green! Handmade sterling silver jewelry can be more expensive, but it will also last much longer and be much more meaningful compared to the mass-produced alternative. Learn how to maintain your sterling silver jewelry's beautiful finish here, and enjoy! 

Hi, my name is Julia.

I'm the person who makes all this jewelry. I've been smithing for about three years now and I'm so in love with what I do. My work is focused on high-quality, handmade, lovingly-crafted sterling silver rings, earrings, necklaces, and more!
One of my most favorite products is my Boob Ring. I was lucky to have a "eureka!" moment, which led to its creation. Each Boob Ring is a subtle encouragement of the female form, and a reminder of self love! These sterling silver boobies are the perfect gift for every strong woman or feminist you know, and go perfectly with other pro-feminism jewelry and accessories. I hope everyone who has a Boob Ring wears it with confidence and conviction.
Don't see something you love, but like my style? Please feel free to contact me about a custom order. I've had the pleasure of creating custom mother's day rings, gifts for friends, and rings made from custom-requested stones.
Love from Bozeman, Montana,